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There are four ways to make authorized purchases at UGA:

  1. Purchase Orders through UGAMart (includes Radioactive Isotopes)

  • These are items requested by the individual/lab that are for vendors in the UGAMart system and are either on catalog items or non-catalog items.
  •  Blanket Purchase Orders: set up with individual vendors for a specific dollar amount and lasts the entire fiscal year (Expires June 30th).Can increase the fund 1 time only, then a new purchase order will need to be setup.
  • If you would like to setup a Blanket Purchase order, please email  

  2. Personal Reimbursements using a Non-Travel expense report

  • Receipts showing payment method
  • Limit to $2,499.99

  3. Payment Requests (limit on certain purchase)

  • Services/product already has to have been received, already.
  •  Invoice needed as documentation

  4. Pcard orders

  • Must be Urgent, un-planned and under the Cardholder’s Transaction limit to avoid Pre-approval. These are items requested by the individual/lab that fall under the PCard guidelines and for items that are for vendors that are not currently in UGAMart.


UGAmart Orders:

  1. Preferred choice is to use the Punch-outs for Vendor shown on Main Page of UGAmart. This ensures contract pricing.
  2. Quotes should be sent to noting the shipping address, funding source and any justification needed.
  3. If hazardous material will need Chematix location:
  • Also, if you order Radioactive Isotopes you need to acquire B # in order for the University to track them. You will find most information on what types of  chemicals fall into these categories by checking out the Environmental Safety Division website
  • Once the B# is obtained from ESD, place order through UGAMart, put the B# in the “External Notes and Attachments” section as well as on the line item where indicated and change the Delivery address to Environmental Safety Division’s address and redelivery address to the actual lab/room number in Miller Plant Science.

All orders (including blanket orders) $25,000 or above require a Sole Source/Sole Brand form be completed or must go out for bid. This form can be found on the administrative forms website:

If you need assistance after searching UGAMart, please reach out to for assistance purchasing.


Set up Blanket purchase orders with vendors you use on a routine basis: Each lab should request blanket orders be established in late May (approx.) for the new fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) with vendors you order from on a routine basis.

  • Normally, blanket purchase orders are used for customer primer and oligo’s (no chemicals or equipment). Once the PO # is established for a vendor, the representatives of your lab may place orders themselves using the purchase order number and customer account number. Invoices are received electronically by Accounts Payable.
  • Please email requesting a Blanket Purchase order be setup. Reference the vendor, the amount to encumber, and funding source to use.


Pcard Orders:

  • Item must be unplanned, non-routine, and urgent purchases of goods and services under Standard Transaction Limit to avoid pre-approval.
  • For pCard requests, please email with the following information:
    1. Vendor
    2. Catalog Item #
    3. Quantities
    4. Funding Source


Personal Reimbursement


  • Employee reimbursement should not be used for purchases when a procurement card, purchase order, or payment request can be used. Any requests for reimbursements that do not meet the criteria specified in this policy may not be reimbursed.
  • See policy for a list of prohibited purchases
  • Limited to $2,499.99/ per supplier
  • Please email with PDF copies of receipts, credit card statements (if payment method is not shown on receipt), funding source and justification, if needed.
  • BSC members must be a delegates in the Employee Self-service system to create expense reports on behalf of the employee. Directions will be sent


Payment Request:


  • Product/Service must have already been received. This is used for Pipette calibrations, publication charges, and Non-employee travel reimbursements.
  • Supplier must be a vendor in the system in order to pay
  • Certain purchases have limitations, please refer to policy

Please email with a copy of the invoice and funding source.



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