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Mike Arnold

Courtesy Faculty in Plant Biology
(home department: Genetics)
Distinguished Research Professor
Life Sciences, Rm C-230
Office Phone:
  • “Thousand Talents” Project – Chinese Academy of Sciences (7/2010 - 12/2016; $117,000)
  • “Global Initiative on Academic Network” – Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India (8/2016 - 10/2016; $12,500)
Selected Publications:


  • Arnold, M.L. 2016. Divergence With Genetic Exchange. Oxford University Press.
  • Arnold, M.L. 2009. Reticulate Evolution and Humans – Origins and Ecology. Oxford University Press.
  • Arnold, M.L. 2006. Evolution Through Genetic Exchange. Oxford University Press.
  • Arnold, M.L. 1997. Natural Hybridization and Evolution. Oxford Series in Ecology and Evolution, Oxford University Press.

Edited Volume:

  • Arnold, M.L. (ed). 2010. Reticulate Evolution. Gene (ISSN 2073-4425).

.Journal Articles:

  • Ackermann, R.R., A. Mackay and M.L. Arnold. 2016. The hybrid origin of modern humans. Evolutionary Biology 43:1-11.
  • Arnold, M.L. 2016. Anderson’s and Stebbins’ prophecy comes true: Genetic exchange in fluctuating environments. Systematic Botany 41:4-16. (Invited Review)
  • Arnold, M.L. 2016. Autobiographical Essay. In Plant Biotechnology, 2nd edition C.N. Stewart ed. Pg. 40. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (Invited Essay)
  • Arnold, M.L. 2016. Genetic exchange and evolution in the Neotropics – The tip of the canopy.  Boletín Colombiano de Biología Evolutiva 4:8-9. (Invited Editorial)
  • Arnold, M.L. 2016. In memoriam: Richard (Rick) G. Harrison – Benefactor for evolutionary biologists. Journal of Genetics 95:479-480. (Invited Essay)
  • Arnold, M.L., A.N. Brothers, J.A.P. Hamlin, S.J. Taylor and N.H. Martin. 2015. Divergence-with-gene-flow – What humans and other mammals got up to. In Reticulate Evolution: Symbiosis, Lateral Gene Transfer and Hybridization, N. Gontier ed. Pp. 255-295. Springer, Inc. (Invited Review)
  • Hamlin, J.A.P. and M.L. Arnold. 2015. Neutral and selective processes drive population differentiation for Iris. Journal of Heredity 106:628-636.
  • Arnold, M.L. 2014. Hybrid Speciation. In Oxford Bibliographies Online: Evolutionary Biology, J.B. Losos ed. Oxford University Press, New York. (Invited Review)
  • Hamlin, J.A.P. and M.L. Arnold. 2014. Determining population structure and hybridization for two Louisiana Iris species. Ecology and Evolution 4:743-755.
  • Ballerini, E.S., K. Mockaitis and M.L. Arnold. 2013. Transcriptome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of Type II MIKCC MADS-box and R2R3 MYB transcription factors in reproductive tissue from the non-grass monocot Iris fulva. Gene 531:337-346.
  • Brothers, A.N., J.G. Barb, E.S. Ballerini, D.W. Drury, S.J. Knapp and M.L. Arnold. 2013. The genetic architecture of floral traits in Iris hexagona and Iris fulva. Journal of Heredity 104:853-861.

Ph. D. Population Biology, Australian National University 1986

Of note:
  • Visiting Professorship – Beijing Forestry University – (Beijing, China) – 2016
  • Visiting Professorship – Chinese Academy of Sciences, Laboratory of Molecular Ecology, South China Botanical Garden – (Guangzhou, China) – 2016
  • Visiting Professorship – Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming Institute of Zoology – (Kunming, China) – 2016
  • Visiting Professorship – Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution Division, Universidade do Porto and Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources – (Oporto, Portugal) – 2016
  • Visiting Professorship – National Center for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research – Bengaluru, India
  • “Thousand Talents” Awardee (Chinese Academy of Sciences) – Kunming Institute of Zoology, 2010-2013
  • Visiting Professorship: Chinese Academy of Sciences – Kunming Institute of Zoology – 2010-2013
  • Appointed a Distinguished Research Professor, University of Georgia – 2012
  • Visiting Professorship:
  • Elected to a Visiting Research Fellowship, Merton College, University of Oxford – 2007
  • Appointed a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science – 2005
  • Visiting Professorship:
  • Visiting Professorship: Universität Konstanz (Konstanz, Germany) – 2004
  • Distinguished Merit Award, Society for Louisiana Irises
  • Creative Research Medal, University of Georgia, 1997

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