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Miller Plant Sciences now houses a Franklin College OIT Hub. It is staffed by Richard Hare and Mark Watson. Richard and Mark support Plant Biology, The Coverdell Center, and the Science Learning Center and are responsible for daily IT operations and support services such as desktop installation/maintenance, troubleshooting hardware, software, classroom technology, network and general desktop support needs, inventory, and poster printing. Due to the volume of requests we receive, please submit a helpdesk ticket at the Franklin OIT Helpdesk or email In an emergency you can check the IT office (room 2207).

Department Computers

The department has a Computing Lab (room 2508) that has 2 Dell PCs and 1 Mac for anyone in the department to use. Stop by the PBIO Main Office (room 2502) to get the door code for the Computing Lab. You can sign into the computers in this lab using your UGA MyID credentials. There are also 2 Dell laptops and 1 MacBook Air you can check out from the Main Office. Teaching gets priority over other uses when checking out these laptops. Graduate student offices have been outfitted with two high powered computers and a black and white laser printer each, specifically for grad student use.


When printing in the Computing Lab (room 2508), we have dropped the per-page-fees charged in previous years. The lab has both a black and white LaserJet and a color LaserJet printer. These printers are to be used for departmental print jobs, NOT for personal use. Also, printing from personal computers is not allowed. We are on the honor system, so if people are found abusing the system, per-page-fees will be reinstated for all print jobs.

Poster Printer

The department has a Canon Large Format printer used to print posters. The maximum paper width is 42”, so one of your dimensions (width or height) should not exceed 42”. The fee to print a poster is broken down in the chart below. This fee can be paid using grant account funds or with a personal check made out to the Plant Biology Department. Please give IT the UGA Chartstring if you are using a grant account. If you are paying by personal check, please give it to Whitney Miller in the PBIO Main Office (room 2502). IT tries to turn poster prints around in a timely manner; however, if they are not given proper time to handle a job they may not have paper, ink, or time allotted to accommodate requests.

You must give IT a minimum of 3 days’ notice when you need a poster printed and give them the electronic file no later than 24 hours before needing the actual poster. If you need a glossy poster printed, you need to give IT a minimum of 1 week notice to ensure proper supplies are in stock to accommodate.

Width (inches) Height (inches) Heavy Coated Paper (normal) Premium Photo Paper (glossy)
36 1 - 50 $30 $60
36 51 - 100 $45 $90
36 >100 add $3 for each additional 10 inches add $6 for each additional 10 inches
42 1 - 50 $40 $80
42 51 - 100 $55 $110
42 >100 add $4 for each additional 10 inches add $8 for each additional 10 inches

Wireless Network

Wireless (PAWS-Secure) has been upgraded and now covers the entire building. Please note that a UGA MyID is required to use the "PAWS-Secure" wireless network. Any guest with the department that does not have a UGA MyID can connect to UGA Visitors WiFi, provide a valid and verifiable email address, and self-enroll for guest access. All personal computers will need to rely on the wireless network for internet usage. Personal computers are no longer allowed on the wired building network due to campus policy.

Faculty Laboratory Computers

Each faculty member usually has several lab computers that are available for lab members. Please see appropriate faculty member for rules and guidelines for using the computers in their lab. These lab machines will be replaced semi-regularly to ensure they can perform the required tasks for each respective lab. Faculty members (or a designated lab manager) must notify IT of any changes in personnel in order to ensure only those permitted to use the computers in that lab may do so. Please email with the MyIDs of any persons that should be added or subtracted.


The University of Georgia has made agreements with various software vendors to lower the price of commonly used software packages, such as Microsoft products, Adobe products, SAS, SPSS, JMP, ArcGIS, etc. Both the college and the Department have taken advantage of these and have purchased multiple licenses available on either unlimited or a “first come, first served” basis. Please consult with IT prior to purchasing new software as they may be able to save you money and time.

Keep in mind that software purchased with state or grant money is not to be installed on personal equipment. If you need software for personal use, please make use of the USG Institutional Tech Store that offers large discounts on Microsoft, Adobe, and other common software: Microsoft Office is free to all Faculty, Staff, and Students of UGA. Instructions on downloading this to personal computers can be found on the UGAMail site:

The department does not condone unauthorized use or copying of copyrighted software, nor does it assume responsibility for such actions. Moreover, the department’s IT will not support unauthorized software.

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