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Program Requirements

The Plant Biology major is a liberal arts degree with a concentration in the plant sciences.  Majors will graduate with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, enabling them to do well in ecology- or biotechnology-oriented careers focusing on plants and fungi that are foundational to the earth's biota and essential for the world.

Degree Requirements
Major Requirements Checklist
Minor Requirements Checklist
Undergraduate Course Descriptions
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Transfer students

We recommend that transfer students have already completed a general biology and chemistry sequence similar to: BIOL 1107-1107L and 1108-1108L; CHEM 1411, 1411L, 1412, 1412L (or CHEM 1211, 1211L, 1212, 1212L, and 2300, 2300L); CHEM 2211, 2211L, 2212, 2212L and PHYS 1211-1211L and 1212-1212L (or PHYS 1111-1111L and 1112-1112L).  Substitution of any of the above courses will be individually considered based on the documentation provided by the student.

Research Opportunities

Plant Biology REQUIRES all of our majors to participate in research.  Getting hands-on experience helping faculty acquire new knowledge at a field site or in a laboratory is the best way to learn science.  We offer PBIO 4960 and an Independent Research Support Award.  Learn more

Department of Plant Biology Student Ambassadors

Plant Biology Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students majoring in Plant Biology who participate in a range of activities to promote the department. The students come from diverse backgrounds and are enrolled in different undergraduate options within the Plant Biology major. The Ambassadors are knowledgeable about programs in the department (e.g. options in the major, internships, research opportunities, scholarships, etc.) and about life as undergraduate students at the University of Georgia. Their main tasks are to gain leadership through facilitating interaction between Plant Biology students and faculty, to promote the department, and to aid in the recruitment of new students.

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Meet Our Current Student Ambassadors

Harrison Bell - I study the cellular biology of corn with a focus on kinetochores in the Dawe lab using a variety of techniques and procedures. I hold a personal interest in plant morphology and totipotency and I hope to secure myself at least a Master's degree in Plant Biology, if not a Doctorate.

Addie Henderson - I am a 23 year old PBIO major/German minor at UGA, I am on a pre-health track, and I hope to attend medical school after graduation. I have always loved plants and finally decided to take the leap and declare it as my major last year! My area of emphasis is Plants and Microbes and I am incredibly interested in differing species interactions between fungi and flora and also between fungi and fauna. In my free time, I volunteer at different local pet rescues and tend to my many plant babies!

Sarah Saddoris - I work in Dr. Xiaoyu Zhang's lab. I currently have a couple of independent projects. My main project deals with the mechanisms and functions of H3K36me3 in Arabidopsis thaliana, specifically the recruitment of SDG7 and the functino of H3K36me3 (it is associated with actively transcribed genes, but its actual function remains unknown, although it is one of the most prevalent epigenetic marks in plants). I also have a rice project researching the impact of active transposons on stress response.

Rosemary Wills - I'm a Plant Biology and Science Education double major. I am involved with Dr. Bensasson's yeast bioinformatics lab, where I get to combine my interest in computers and biology to explore the genetics of the microbe behind bread, beer, coffee, and even chocolate! I'm also an author for the Athens Science Observer (ask me about Athens Science Alliance!) and I'm passionate about science communication. In the future, I plan to become a teacher.

Careers with a Plant Biology Degree

Success after UGA is extremely important to us.  Many of our majors have gone on to continue their education at top graduate and medical schools, such as Emory University. They have also pursued careers as plant breeding research professionals, medical research technicians, and more.  A degree in Plant Biology opens doors to diverse career opportunities, such as doing research at universities, government laboratories, and at biotech companies; teaching at the high school, college, or university level; management and interpretation as staff biologists with state and federal agencies; and administration and sales with plant and plant product related industries.  As science and technology evolve, new opportunities are created.

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